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A woman who remembers enjoying writing.


Jealousy. Bitterness. Spite. Rage. These course through me repeatedly at various intervals, turning the inner eye inside out. The minuscule veins bloom from the sight-bulb as it scans the lives of others through a putrid lens of desire. It’s an … Continue reading

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Feeling Good.

Again, the artists struggle. I feel good, so I have no real desire to write. But here I am, writing. Motivation, inspiration, they can come from all kinds of places. Do not stay miserable to stay rooted in creative impulse. … Continue reading

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The realization that I have never really tried. Sure, I have tried to make situations work out  as best I could, but ultimately that was so mired by problems and pains that the effort was put into not falling apart, … Continue reading

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Years ago I titled this blog after the realization that every day was a chance at redemption, that every day I has the opportunity to rise out of yesterdays ash and reach something higher. Not to suggest that each day … Continue reading

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The world is equally beautiful every day, the same inexplicable deeds divulging, perhaps with equal ratios of good and horror. How can we really know they aren’t always balanced? Perhaps twohundredandtwentyfivethousandbillion acts of kindness and love can be tallied against … Continue reading

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I have been given a masterclass by the universe in noticing fear. I am motivated by it in deeply entrenched ways, and it’s hegemony is impressive. It is inherited from my family, written on all the pages of my consciousness, … Continue reading

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Perfect Sight

There is a white hot rage in me, mixed in with a black tar rotting decay. A festering volcano, the afterbirth of trauma. Lack of control of internal emotional processes. This is a legacy of being overpowered, you really lose … Continue reading

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