A Journey Towards What?

Welcome to Each Day Is A Journey.

Here’s a minute timeline of the origins of this cyberplace:

2012 – 2013: Delicate Curiosity

This blog originated as a venue for my writing. a daily or weekly bulletin board for my notations on the beauty, or vileness, of life.

2013- 2020: Visceral Necessity

As my personal life devolved into chaos, this evolved into a scream, a thrust, a stab, a wild and raging attempt in rediscovering a place to stand.

2020- onwards: Evolved Possibility

Once standing, I mostly forgot about it, only contributing here and there.

Now that the world – no longer just my world, but the actual world – has destabilized, it feels like the right time to return. This has always been a place of stabilization. Now I hope this can be a place of financial stabilization as well as the loftier aspirations inherent in creation.

If you enjoy the blog, follow along. If you really like the blog, join us on Patreon (coming soon) and access the long reads.



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