Writing as offering. Writing is an offering. Everything we do is essentially service, and offers something to another.

Having become fairly bitter and cynical, I have lost a sense of awe and value in creativity and the beauty of words. However, I generally overestimate my spiritual and levels of emotional rot because I wouldn’t be doing this if I’d truly lost such an appreciation. Same goes for you. You’re here. You must believe in something.

Offering. Purging. Spirit-vomit. Chanting. Prayer. Swearing in traffic. Morning coffee. Water cooler talk. We participate in rituals constantly and consistently, whether it’s sanctified or not, whether it’s offering things of beauty or not. This is important because the simple and basic cycle of give and take cannot be escaped. We receive and we share. If we are self aware then we can do so with specific impact. Otherwise we are blind and blithering, with no sense of what our words or actions do.

Offerings. Everything is an offering. If we live blindly, we automatically offer others what others offered us. We offer the morning fight with our spouse to the world. We offer our shitty childhood on repeat. We offer our disappointment of a bad Americano. This isn’t a call to suck-it-up and fake a pleasant manner, but to know what we’re doing, and that always, we’re doing. We can also share the warmth and love and kindness we receive throughout our day, and throughout our days. This isn’t flaky hippie bullshit. It’s important to remember this because otherwise we end up being how we swore we’d never be. I never dreamed of being as angry an adult as I grew up with, as I’m sure those angry adults also didn’t plan for it.

Things happen. Constantly and consistently. Whether you like it or not. Happening is a law of life. Even now, if it feels like the world has stopped, it’s only changed, and that’s because a specific lot of things are happening. And now more than ever, we’re seeing how our actions large and small have an impact on the world.

We could apply flatten the curve logic to everything. Flatten the misery and apathy and loneliness by bringing the best of who we are into the world, and by tending to the worst of who we are with curiosity and dedication. A different type of cleansing than we’re all being asked to do right now. We’re all noticing how little we wash our hands, and how short those efforts are. Same goes for those other types of cleansing. You’ll wonder how you safely got by, ignoring such a basic act.

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