The Cavern

A lifetime of hiding leaves you only able to connect with others who know the cavern. You will live together in the darkness. You will strive to trust and love each other even though the nature of the cavern defeats the possibility of genuine connection. You will hurt yourself and hurt others. In the cavern, you will not be capable of identifying how or why. This furthers the pain. If anyone (the parties involved or an outsider) tries to bring in a flicker of light, you will retaliate. You will identify the darkness as protection, as opposed to the reason for your suffering.

What does it take to bring light into your life? You must abandon anyone who refuses to see. You must abandon the parts of you that refuse to see. The parts which, for so long, ensured your survival in a cruel world. You must say goodbye to your armour. You must learn to walk armourless in the sun. Develop weapons of relentless compassion and sharp self-awareness. See the best in everyone and everything, while being vigilant against recourse into darkness. This retreat is never singular, as it inherently casts shadows on those in your life. You threaten the light of everyone when you choose poorly. The reverse is also true. Choose light, add light to those in your circle.

Give thanks to the cavern for what it gave you when you needed it. Then close the entrance. Say goodbye.

About Undecided Pseudonym

A woman who remembers enjoying writing.
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