Feeling Good.

Again, the artists struggle. I feel good, so I have no real desire to write. But here I am, writing. Motivation, inspiration, they can come from all kinds of places. Do not stay miserable to stay rooted in creative impulse. There is a creative landscape beyond desolation, and it is fertile. Plant your roots here, grow your legacy here. Keep the awe of the desolate darkness but strengthen it with the liberation that comes from peace.

I have moments of integration. I feel like a different person. Or rather, fully myself, rather than being the torn rag of a woman. The psyche is a strange place. It automatically morphs into a reflection of what it is exposed so, and must be rebuilt and restructured as needed. This is your primary interaction with life: how you use what you’ve witnessed.

Anger, bitterness, spite, these can all be so valuable in building discipline and focus. They can be transformed into valuable energy, and can strengthen you in a powerful way. The value of sheer nerve. It’s beautiful. Life is beautiful.


About Undecided Pseudonym

A woman who remembers enjoying writing.
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