Years ago I titled this blog after the realization that every day was a chance at redemption, that every day I has the opportunity to rise out of yesterdays ash and reach something higher. Not to suggest that each day burns, but I carry acres of ash from old fires and have no choice but to rise. Otherwise life is spent suffocating, choking on dead dust.

Dust, blockages, breathing. Blockages. Clutter. I am surrounded by beautiful clutter. What it takes to change any habit is absurd. A tidy desk. I am amazed by those who traverse truly treacherous terrain, the stone dagger landscapes like Madagascar, the inner equivalent, and manifest ease into their life through noble efforts of self-discovery.

Can I not value myself in this way? Am I not exactly the kind of person I admire? And if I am not, is it not in my complete power to change this? It is.


About Undecided Pseudonym

A woman who remembers enjoying writing.
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