June 7th, 2017

Dear A,

1.I hope Jedi is doing better, or if worst came to worst, went peacefully. Nothing to break your heart like a dog.

2. I had a burst of employment so I was very busy last week. It was a shock to the system, but I didn’t crumple under the pressure. It was funny to feel all the ol’coping mechanisms coming back into play, the desire to eat everything within reach, to shop, to call in sick, or give up. I didn’t. I bought a coffee a few times, I treated myself on the Friday to lunch, but otherwise I didn’t go nuts. I didn’t call in sick, I went everyday and did my work, I didn’t give in. I went boxing everyday. I didn’t shut down, I talked with my co-workers, asked for help as needed. I did all the admin I had to. I completed everything. It was fine.

I didn’t think anything like this was possible anymore. I didn’t think I could face these regular pressures anymore. It’s strange to think how much I believed my life was over, that my strength was really gone. It’s… odd.

3. It’s worth writing about. I’m going to let myself write. Just write. Just write.

4. This is an interesting time. Something is changing. I’m becoming less afraid? Less dramatic. Less ruled by emotion.

5. I hope you’re well, and enjoying your amazing summer. Don’t let small things weigh you down. Enjoy what is.


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A woman who remembers enjoying writing.
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