Empty and Starving

Maybe after a point pontificating is simply whiny. Of course it is. That’s why the abstract philosophe is so popular among young emotional types. It’s an easy way to continue being scared of life and ones own inner self because you can project the sense of having no substance onto other things and feel smart and special. I don’t trust writing anymore. I don’t trust this idea of communicating through words and artistic modes, I do not trust my audience, or any audience, to be receptive or sensitive enough to allow anything inside of themselves. I have no faith in others, but of course that’s reflective of me having no faith in others, so I’m just one of these whiny philosophes too. I have seen so much investment put forth into me and my work, I receive it all the time, and yet I let the impressions of those who have let me down rule my mind instead of making more space for what is actually a lot of positivity. I am forgetting how to see what is around me, the things I value, to have a fair portrait of the world. I think I am relearning this. I think, maybe, I can find a little bit of love again.

About Undecided Pseudonym

A woman who remembers enjoying writing.
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