Parents and Psychiatrists

In my life the tactics of both these groups of people have proven similar.

My mother will attribute any and all of my discontent to a bad mood, the simple drifting in like a dark cloud, as opposed to genuine frustrations in life.  Emotions are trivial and inconvenient, meaning as little as the words or actions they create. Because they are difficult to understand, or if not so, at least difficult to face, they are to be ignored. Attention is instead placed on the behaviours which are a result of those emotions, and those behaviours are categorized and labeled as undesirable. My parents did not have pills to change them, but attempted to use their words and rules. Psychiatrists used pills, because they had them. To their credit they did listen to me more, and to a degree more so acknowledge what pain the emotions were causing, but nonetheless, they were not unpacked. Life, at times, requires a deep unpacking, and someone to unpack with. Both these groups have failed me, and so I’m left knee deep in foul laundry.

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