Doing Well.

I am well, and it is strange, because for so long, I have been unwell. Motivation to get out of bed is still quite low, though not because I am depressed and miserly, but because, the days are empty. Well, they are not empty, they are open. I went to the gym three times this week, four times last week. Hurrah. Would like to keep that up. It’s harder to accept challenges than it used to be. Fear is a bigger part of me now. But so is strength. I am spoiled. But I’m not materialistic. What can I do with all this time and energy? Volunteer, which I am looking to do. Skimmed an article on exercise as life changing. I’ve experienced intensive physical transformations of all kinds. Now I’m looking for the slim down and strengthen up kind. It’s possible. It’s happening. The biggest question- what can I do with my time? Time in the grand scale and the small. I just want to serve others. I want to be a leader in my community. I want to fight for justice and equality. I want many things for my fellow beings, but mostly I want to help them wake up to their true desires, because I believe we all desire the same things, namely respect. 

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A woman who remembers enjoying writing.
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