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Somehow, Somewhere.

I am in pain, and that’s okay. It doesn’t stop. It doesn’t go away. I am alone at the library. I am surrounded by people. I feel alone and desperate. Desperate for company and comfort. Comfort. How do I find … Continue reading

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Today I ate: a banana with peanut butter, some biscuits, a regular size fries from NY Fries, a mini Cinnabon, an apple, and a gigantic slice of cheese pizza. It feels like a lot more than that. I know that … Continue reading

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Feel Alone.

Sometimes I don’t want to get better, I just want to close my eyes and have it all end, but then something small.will.remind me that tomorrow, or even today, could be interesting, could feel a bit better. I know I’m … Continue reading

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Getting Rough Again.

Some days the poison is thick and clotted in my throat, and I can barely swallow each hour. This may as well be a cancer of the brain. A sort of emotional cancer that sucks me dry of energy, skill, … Continue reading

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Wanted: Change.

Facebook is my lifeblood, I am mildly ashamed to say. I’m not alone in that, I’m sure, but I dislike the fact that this is where most of my socializing occurs. It’s been like this too long. I’ve spent ten … Continue reading

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Each day is a journey, and each day is a battle. I’m getting tired of fighting, but there is no other way. I need to learn to replenish myself, that’s all. Replenish myself with positive actions. I had a kale … Continue reading

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Danger, danger, in the mind. “I don’t belong in this world.”. Yes, I do. Isolation from society leads to higher risk of suicide. Why can’t I see what others see? I’m smart. I can do this. I can live this … Continue reading

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