So I’m stable. Whoopie. I can’t create, or I’m just telling myself I can’t. What’s real and what isn’t? Facebook isn’t real, real people are real. Real human or animal interaction is real. I’m real. My life is real. My dreams are real, but I’m so out of touch with them, and they don’t feel real. I just have to have faith that life will provide me with what I need, or that I already have what I need. It is so frustrating to be confused. A circle cannot be stopped. Anything can be stopped. Or started. Or restarted. I should either take a break before I burn out or just keep going. I cannot express myself right now. I have a disappointment and fury which overwhelm everything else. The subconscious mind is all powerful, and I do not know how to make it my friend. 

About Moon Eggs

A woman who remembers enjoying writing.
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