going on.

The very foundation of my heart is crumbling. Acting, theatre, the arts. My desire has abandoned me when I need it most. Or have I abandoned it? I must be doing something wrong. I need to trust in the work and know that it will return. It’s not true though. I just feel so down. I’m wallowing in a lack of inspiration. Too bad, I’m in theatre school. I can’t let down the ensemble. I can’t let myself down. I want to do this, somewhere inside of me, stronger than anything, I want to. I cannot forget this. If inspiration does not find me, I must inspire myself. 

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  1. JFer says:

    I was given a pleasant reminder when I got really lost this past semester about the ensemble. The continuous looking outward. I don’t know if that will help and I’m hoping it will give me more strength. I try to remind myself of which side will win out in the end… I wouldn’t be so scared if it wasn’t the stronger of the two

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