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Decisions, Decisions…

Constantly searching for a distraction, for sand to dig my head into. I’m growing up, I’m changing, it’s a puberty of sorts. Cities, programs, education. Not fucking up. It’s all scary. It’s tough to make choices, because what if they’re … Continue reading

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So I’m stable. Whoopie. I can’t create, or I’m just telling myself I can’t. What’s real and what isn’t? Facebook isn’t real, real people are real. Real human or animal interaction is real. I’m real. My life is real. My … Continue reading

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going on.

The very foundation of my heart is crumbling. Acting, theatre, the arts. My desire has abandoned me when I need it most. Or have I abandoned it? I must be doing something wrong. I need to trust in the work … Continue reading

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Okay so time to start living again. In a living room, with friends who are studying for a class I dropped. They are learning viel und viel, und ich werder doofer und doofer. Aber das ist nicht richtig. I believe … Continue reading

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Been A While.

It’s tricky to write from health. It takes more discipline. The burning desire for something to stop the aching isn’t a motivator. I must be my own motivation. Motivation. Desire. Discipline. Things I once found very easy to tap into … Continue reading

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Blogging from my phone! Very exciting. I am doing well. It is noticeable. It is good. Light is shining again, from me and from the world. Dreams are forming, hope is rebuilding. I no longer want to spend all my … Continue reading

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