Short Burst.

So I’m stable. Whoopie dee. No, I am grateful. My doubts about the world are vaporizing, about my place and potential in it. I’ve been day dreaming about university, which is odd because I hated university. I’ve been doubting whether I want to be an artist, whether I want to do theatre at all, be an actor at all. I’m being told that doubting is a very important part of all this, that great faith comes from great doubt. I want to have great faith in what I do, in my calling. I used to, and I can feel it coming back, now a dot on the horizon, hopefully to grow into something huge. I need something to really sink my teeth into. Faith. In art. In myself. I’m living in the shadows of mania, of that kind of euphoria of everyday life, that wild confidence, the intense senseless joy. Life is drabber than mania. Life is hard. Life is just hard. But in accepting certain facts, it can become much easier. 

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A woman who remembers enjoying writing.
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