Lost again in the tide, struggling to swim. I’m detached from this world. Leave it? No. No. Home has become the faces of familiar webpages. This blog, Facebook, my email. Why is that? Unsure. I have left earth and am floating through like a ghost. I am dead enough as is, suicide is moot. I cannot love what I once loved before. The merry go round of being on medications tires me. Up and down. Shiny plastic. The seeming innocence of a pill. My patience is wafer thin, and needs to be reinforced. Water thin. Is water thick or thin? Water is malleable. I am malleable. I need faith. How do I unwind these changes? How do I return to a state of being which reflects my soul to the world? I find comfort only in sleep. This must change, this must change, this must change. I must change. The world must change. The pills must change. They are changing. Everything is always changing. I must let it change. I must breathe, I must speak, I must sing! I am weary of life, but I am not. Life is not weary of me, I must remember that.  Must must must must. Hours later, I am feeling better. I am feeling almost to myself again. The drugs wear off and I come to life. 

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A woman who remembers enjoying writing.
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