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Short Burst.

So I’m stable. Whoopie dee. No, I am grateful. My doubts about the world are vaporizing, about my place and potential in it. I’ve been day dreaming about university, which is odd because I hated university. I’ve been doubting whether … Continue reading

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It’s been a while. Hard to write when things are okay. Things are okay. My mind is stable. I wonder if in health I am losing myself. My passion, my fervency have greatly diminished. Who am I without my insanity, … Continue reading

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Lost again in the tide, struggling to swim. I’m detached from this world. Leave it? No. No. Home has become the faces of familiar webpages. This blog, Facebook, my email. Why is that? Unsure. I have left earth and am … Continue reading

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Gotta Move Mountains.

What is life, what is the meds, and what is the illness? I’m thinking my meds are making me sicker than my illness. I’m thinking that I need to accept that life is hard, that it can’t be like mania … Continue reading

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I Miss My Life.

I Miss My Life.. The sentiment of missing life is one I can greatly connect with. It’s a heart breaking experience, but when that love of life returns, and it does return, it’s all the sweeter for it.

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