I hope these posts are relatable, helpful in some way. Today has been messy. I am feeling distanced from reality, very much an audience member than participant. I want my meds increased. I want more security. Nothing has changed in months. Well, certain things have improved. It seems so pointless to be optimistic, as though whatever is gained is always out weighed by an ever evolving pain. I have good friends and they give me strength, but it is not enough. I have whatever I need, I must remember this. This blog makes me much the wiser. The world seems to move on in great strides without me, with everyone doing intelligent work while I am sitting alone in a mud ridden room filled with dead straw and rotten organs. A place so cold no one can touch me.  Classes await me. Life awaits me. How will I get through? 

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A woman who remembers enjoying writing.
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