Time to Choose.

Whether to live or die. I chose life a hundred times over, but will life chose me? Well, it has, I am alive. I am here, breathing, searching, ferociously afraid. Ferociously brave. I’ve had both ice cream and potato chips today. I feel like a mermaid trying to survive on land. I feel like someone who can’t. I have to. I have to make this world work. I have to do anything I can for that to happen. Everything I can. I have to reach out to the world for it to reach back, for people to reach back. Movement is always in two directions. 

Tomorrow, school recommences. I recommence. The person I love recommences doing what she loves most. Self-love. It’s important. I have to be unabashed by it. I love who I am and I love this life and I am determined to live it, no matter how dark the dark days get. 

About Undecided Pseudonym

A woman who remembers enjoying writing.
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