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Addicted to Suffering.

Do we not find ourselves craving old heart aches? They are comfortable. It is amazing how comforting misery can be when you’ve been tied up with it for a while. Like any other habit, it must be quit, shifted, let … Continue reading

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Examining My Loneliness.

Except the love we can give ourselves, everything else is temporary relief. I’m finding this to be truer and truer as each day goes on, as I watch my mind more closely, I see the immense struggle to comfort myself, … Continue reading

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Cut the Umbilical Cord.

When asking advice for how to deal with my parents and my mental health diagnosis, with the support I was hoping to receive somehow, I was advised to “cut the umbilical cord”, that I would be setting myself up for … Continue reading

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On Fear and Fighting.

My fear is so deep, like dandelion roots into my soul. I fear asking for anything, for a form for student loans, for help finding a text book, all responsibilities ache in me somehow. Spending money terrifies me though I … Continue reading

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I feel like a child wanting to be cradled in a mothers arms. Whose arms can take me now, at this size? I feel absent and stoned. I can’t spend this much time alone. I said hi the mailman today, … Continue reading

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Facing Today.

Facing today. I am so young. I am so scared of the future, this unreadable future that we all face. I am eating Turtles chocolates. I am pumping myself full of sugar. I am scared. Life is big. I am … Continue reading

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It’s one of those days where I really have to force myself to write. I’m done with feeling inadequate. I’m intelligent and interesting and have substance to offer the world. I’m so quick to downplay my achievements, to tell myself … Continue reading

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