The Aftermath, and on suicidal states

So many of us are out there, living as such. Kudos to all those who fight with me.


I cannot decide whether I am still in shock or whether this feeling is part of the grieving process. I am at work, writing an article on osteoporosis, and I feel dead to the world. Blank. A cold nothingness, emotions absent except for a pang of scurrying sadness aching to escape, like a wounded soldier, from a chaotic battlefield. Here we are, today. Moving on.

Life gives no choice. We never stop moving, even when in deep sleep. Our hearts pound on, and on. Our breath rises and falls. We twitch, we snore, we slumber. Then the day calls and we slurp down coffee, gather our things and rush to work, greeting coworkers with our masks firmly in place. We do what’s expected. We smile pleasantly. We sit down and pretend to work diligently. Inside, we tremble from the mass of relegated emotions and thoughts that rise rise rise; the…

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