Thinking Positive.

Thinking positive is not blind optimism, but is a way of redirecting thought patterns to see the best of any situation, and to not be overwhelmed by the inherent negatives. It involves acknowledging that certain aspects of life scare us, but what we are not victim to those elements. We are not victim to anything, We are always free to make life better for ourselves, though it may not be in the way we imagine. I feel that we are so afraid to show ourselves love and gratitude, for who we are and what we do. It doesn’t make sense, we can’t live that way. For all the mockery surrounding self-help culture, self-love is essential and cannot be lived without. Or at least, lived happily. We do have to improve our states of mind, we do have to rise up further than we think we can, in whatever aspect of life we find isn’t bringing us joy. I often feel foolish for writing things like this, but small reminders to be positive are important, for me and anyone who reads this, especially if you suffer from any kind of mental illness, illness, self-hatred or whatnot. I think self-hatred itself could qualify as a mental illness, as it’s such a poison, and at the core of the psyche. Climb up, climb up. But with what ladder. Kind thoughts I suppose. Climbing to what? A better feeling, a better, stronger, present moment. The more you climb, the stronger the ladder becomes. Like anything, reinforcement makes it stronger. Happiness can be learned, as can unhappiness. I crave a feeling of relief, relief from my own heaviness. 

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