Anxiety monsters can cripple you. What will get done will get done. What will be will be, and we can’t let anyone step on our peace of mind. Lest of all ourselves. There is a place of balance, of feeling normal, that I crave more than anything else. I am unsure of where to find it, though I know it is inside. Normal. Where I don’t have to work twice as hard as anyone else to merely be at peace.To be clearheaded and free of dread. A sense of dread is a common occurrence to me. The weight in the pit of my stomach, crawling up my spine, choking me from behind, gently, a caress at first, a heavy fist soon enough, and even over the simplest of chores, or even enjoyed activities. If not especially enjoyed activities. What the fuck, anxiety, can’t even leave that be.¬†

About Undecided Pseudonym

A woman who remembers enjoying writing.
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