Suck It Up- Love Your Body.

Okay, so the media, society at large, various people in our lives, make us feel shitty about not having washboard abs, lean whatevermajigs, and thin thingerbobbers. Fuck it. Time to take responsibility for hating ourselves. We actually have the ability to make choices, sometimes even when it comes to feelings. There’s a choice in feeling regarding the shape of the physical self. Say “fuck off”  to every magazine and magic-this-will-make-you-thin! ad and schoolyard, high school, at home bully, at work, in relationship, anywhere bully, say fuck you to all the time you’ve spend turning sideways in mirrors, and all the scales and all the gyms and all the get-fit gimmicks. Don’t get me wrong- I just went for a run. Exercise is essential to well being, but self-hatred isn’t. I weight a 165 lbs and I’m trying to not give a fuck, even though first loop of my belt is now too tight, and I have to buy L-XL stuff. I’m trying to let go of the fact that I was a size 6 once, and am a size 12 now. You know what, I’m doing a pretty good job, not perfect, since I still mentioned it, but nothing is perfect. I want to be able to run for more than a minute or two at a time, and do sit-ups again, but I don’t need to be petite. It doesn’t actually matter. And all that BMI stuff is crap. Most “wisdom” surrounding weight is crap, unless it says love your body. Love your body also means don’t eat at McDonalds and go for a brisk walk at least three times a week, but it also means buy the fucking size 12, don’t buy the size 10 to motivate yourself to lose weight. This is an issue for men as much as women. The monopoly on self-love occupied by thinness, or robust figures, effects everyone. We’re all sexy bitches. Let’s own it. 

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