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The Aftermath, and on suicidal states

Originally posted on the5150:
I cannot decide whether I am still in shock or whether this feeling is part of the grieving process. I am at work, writing an article on osteoporosis, and I feel dead to the world. Blank.…

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Another Day.

Everyday is a new day. Somewhat hard to fathom. There is this feeling in my gut of dread, from what I am not sure. It is reasonable to not worry about things when there is nothing to do be done … Continue reading

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On My Feet.

What is it about sleeping in that I love so much, that makes it so hard to break out of an abnormal sleeping pattern? Aye me. It is sunny and warm again. I feel a little sunny inside as well. … Continue reading

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Thinking Positive.

Thinking positive is not blind optimism, but is a way of redirecting thought patterns to see the best of any situation, and to not be overwhelmed by the inherent negatives. It involves acknowledging that certain aspects of life scare us, … Continue reading

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Anxiety monsters can cripple you. What will get done will get done. What will be will be, and we can’t let anyone step on our peace of mind. Lest of all ourselves. There is a place of balance, of feeling … Continue reading

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Suck It Up- Love Your Body.

Okay, so the media, society at large, various people in our lives, make us feel shitty about not having washboard abs, lean whatevermajigs, and thin thingerbobbers. Fuck it. Time to take responsibility for hating ourselves. We actually have the ability … Continue reading

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When I started this blog I wanted to make a daily post. That has not happened, but I would still like to try. I would like to reattempt many of the things I have not succeeded at, and I must, … Continue reading

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