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I am exhausted. Be it from camping or prescriptions, who knows. A ¬†combination, I am sure. I saw mountains and lakes and trees, all beautiful. I am doing my best to live one day at a time. It is important, … Continue reading

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Tee-Hee Tatter Tat!

Hello, googles and guggles! Wiggles and wuggles! Welcome to mania, the flip side of bipolar depression. It’s a colourful place filled with lots of juicy, juicy moments of euphoria, creativity, and the uncanny. It’s still dangerous, as it’s intense and … Continue reading

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A wave rushing towards land, never reaching it. I feel like this much of the time. It is, uncomfortable. 

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Also Hard.

Where have I been these days? My mind is doing the usual, on fire, on ice, everywhere I don’t want to handle, don’t want to know I can handle. I can feel it in my body, I can feel the … Continue reading

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