On Fear.

Morning after, Slight struggle to keep them at bay, but at bay they are. It is 11. I have slept for about 12 hours, which is the norm these days. I was giddy before sleep. The sky is grey and rainy again. Fear is simply the imagination. The things we fear do not exist. Hope is also imagination, but we can chose to believe in one over the other. And hope is nicer. Hope makes for a more pleasant journey, whatever the journey is. We have to chose the easier path, it doesn’t just come to us. You have to decide you want to be nice to yourself, that you are worth being kind to. There’s a reason people like Oprah, she’s never going to put you down and say you aren’t worth it. There’s an Oprah magazine in front of me. Deal with it. Self-worth is so tricky. We’re taught that it exists only within certain qualifications, all of which are superficial. It is innate. Negative thinking is paralytic. It is a disease. It is not something to dedicate oneself to. It is not the truth. It’s not anything anyone needs to pay attention to. Everything is struggle, we live and breath in the void, but we don’t have to become the void. We can look up into the sun and photosynthesize our own nourishment. 

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  1. wise post my friend

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