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Slight Words

Terms like depression are so very thrown around. You can be sad, and you may be sad enough to be depressed, but it’s important to remember that mental illnesses are MEDICAL CONDITIONS. They’re not just feeling low or feeling weird. … Continue reading

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Suicide is not an option. Fuck depression. I have work to do.

Once my parents move, I will be alone in this country. I will be free to leave school and pursue writing, if I like. I can wear whatever I want in whatever city I want. I will ache for India, … Continue reading

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My body is crumbling. I can barely walk a half hour. I can barely stand, barely, barely, anything, at all. But mentally I’m fine, physically I’m a dilapidated house. Is this what aging is like? I’ve experienced the internal, metaphysical aging, and … Continue reading

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I’m waking up later than I have in quite some time. I cannot party anymore. I do not last more than an hour, usually. The energy it takes to socialize, even with the loveliest of friends, is too expensive. I … Continue reading

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The jazz roars in Starbucks, and I am outraged that a short coffee costs as much as a tall. Dark roasts have less caffeine, did you know this? I am listening to the Cold War Kids. The album of theirs … Continue reading

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This is from May 14-15.  This morning, my mind was so broken, old joints crumbling and no possibility of repair. I was sad. I was heavy. It was so hard to move. A morning of depression. It wasn’t too severe, … Continue reading

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Meandering Through.

I need to stop looking for hope in other places and give it to myself. Same with love. Same with meals. Ha. Maybe even clothes. I’ve always wanted to make my own clothes. I got a C- in sewing, so … Continue reading

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