Third Morning Ramblings

Daily I am working to climb out of myself back into the light. Sometimes I am not even in the dark, but in some grey haze that is still not the normal world. My sinuses are clogged. There is something in my eye. Other than that, what can I say about the state of my being? Groggy, perplexed, and in need of cash. Like dogs, I seek to be alone when I am about to die. I am not about to die, but I am groggy and tired and want solitude, though solitude is always with me. Can’t have it all.But I am having ice cream at 10am. I feel that it’s better to have desserts earlier in the day than at night, as we have time to digest and break down. I had other food though, healthy food, as ice cream is terrible for breakfast. Found my headphones, they were wrapped up in my blanket. 

I haven’t touched my camera. Will perhaps go out alone one day. I am repeating myself. 

I am remembering the very thin sales assistant at Anthropologie. She looked like a model, and had that little nose, the almost pixie cut hair, tall tall thin thin. I do not need to look like her, or anyone else. 

Something in my eye. Something in my concentration. The simplicity of spending time with someone is delightful, when with good company. 

I like Edmonton. I could live here, though I see no reason to. 


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