I am no longer allowed to be depressed. Sure, I need certain treatments, and it’s not my fault, but I have a huge responsibility to stay a float. If I’m lonely- if I’m pain of all pains lonely, call a friend. It’s both hard and not hard at the same time, like most things which are important. 

I do not want to eat, but I must eat, because otherwise, I die. Depression is back. No, no slicing yourself up, go for a walk/jog thing. Draw. Paint. Make earrings. Make so many earrings. Make more earrings than you have ears, which is two, which means I easily can make a large amount of earrings. 

I want a boyfriend. There, I’ve said it. I want someone to share my life with. Or at least, a gal pal. A gal pal who lives within walking distance. This is not so. A dog? A rodent? All in due time. I have Earl Grey tea. Fuck you, feelings, I have tea. 

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