Morning After Crazy.

That image, of my face blurry and skewed perfectly matches my mind, and what it’s been like. Photography never ceases to amaze me with her ability to capture truth, especially through flukes. I have Cheerios. I feel sane and good. I slept in the living room and scared my roommmate. When  I feel overwhelmed by life, I sleep in the living room, so as to avoid the fuckery of my bedroom, with clothes drapped here, and knick-knaks askew on the bed. My spelling is deteriorating.  I am ashamed. See, yesterday, if you had locked me up in a straight jacket or some such, that would have been a waste, as I’m fine now. I just needed some Atavan, food, and to watch Friends. I wonder if yesterday was caused by lack of a proper dinner. I didn’t eat so great throughout the day. It has a huge affect, one’s diet. Look at the world, and look at what we eat. It’s no coincidence.

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