LG, My Dear.

First off, huge thank you’s to everyone who’s been following my blog, whether regularly or sporadically. Much appreciated. For those of you fellow bloggers, I haven’t been able to check up on yours yet, due to, well, all the shit you’ve been reading about, but I will get there. 

Second off, eggs are on the boil, and doing quite well. I slept at least 10 hours, which is too much, but my nerves could use it, so perhaps it’s not so bad. I would like to live in a society where we all wake up at dawn and eat at the same time everyday and live in accordance with nature and our internal clocks, but it doesn’t quite work that way, except maybe in small communities in California, and various agricultural/traditional communities around the world, whoever have managed to be somewhat untouched by modernity. 

My phone is off, and I have no intention of turning it on. It is such a treat, to disengage electronically, though much of my communication is based on this device I currently sit at. In terms of quality time spent together, secrets and daily nothingless shared, it seems that my computer is my best friend, my life partner, for the past five years. I have said so much through you, LG P300, you have seen and heard all of my days. How funny and sad. How beautiful, how tragic. Oh, is it me who is dramatic, or is it merely the reality of events? A bit of both, I’m sure.

Stephen Colbert, eggs, and hopefully a venture into the outside world. Maybe laundry. Maybe I will buy some eyeliner at Sephora. And go to a park. And feel, okay.  

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