A Day.

I finally visited Kensington Market. Lovely, vibrant, though less crowded than I had anticipated, and not as large, though that’s no problem. Toronto is a great city, she is full of life, of art, of artistic happenings. She is where I am meant to be. It was a good Saturday, filled with good people, and good food. I walked a lot. I wore my five finger shoes. I had pancakes this morning. I ate six pieces of a Cadbury mint chocolate bar. I wrote a fearfully frank Facebook message, to which I am a little nervous of receiving a reply, though I hope I do receive one. It is hard to know when to reach out and break the film between just knowing each other, and then, sharing something; something personal, something human. I feel sugar eating away at my enamel, yet if I had more chocolate, I would continue eating it. We humans so often play out that scenario, yet with much more dangerous, damaging vices. Eating chocolate is no vice, but neglecting consequences makes them that much greater. I do not live in ignorance of my mistakes, and that makes them all the worse. 

Hmm, I have not mentioned mental health at all. I am, fine. I am at enough peace with myself today, and that’s all I really care to say on the matter. 

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