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Abusive Alcoholics: My Dad & The Hulk

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The door slams. ┬áMy father is home, again, from his nine-to-five. Happy happy joy joy. I’ve locked myself in the basement with a few pretzels, my laptop, and a glass of water. My stomach is sick…

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Sleepy Friday.

My eyelids are heavy, and my insides are hungry for something even the most decadent food cannot satiate. Perhaps I am longing for love. What else is there to long for? The light outside is bright, shifting into the gleam … Continue reading

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she’s calling me.

I feel okay today, but by now I am smart enough not to trust it. What goes up must come down. Hard. Last day of school. I am so excited for next year, but I am worried to be excited … Continue reading

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Anxiety and Relationships

On the difficulties of living with anxiety, and sharing your life with someone who doesn’t.

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And now, for something completely different. DOGS. Have I raved about how much I love dogs? All animals, really. I have spent many a suicidal night looking at articles on Buzzfeed relating to cute animals, and have been quite soothed. … Continue reading

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Eggs on Wednesday

I have such ridiculous titles. I enjoy the ridiculous. I am the ridiculous. I have strange thoughts, strange desires. I was hitting the empty streetcar seat in front of me, for a minute or so on the way home. I … Continue reading

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All I can say is, reality keep changing. One moment, I feel ready, eager to die. Then suddenly I wake up- it really felt like waking up- and I am wondering who that scary suicidal person was, who was that … Continue reading

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