I want to feel inspired. I want something to sweep me off my feet and send me out into the world, bright and shining. That doesn’t happen. Once in a while, sure, something truly exceptional happens and sparks a shift, but that can’t happen everyday. I want it to, but it doesn’t. In the real world, it’s just waking up, and brushing teeth, getting dressed, eating, leaving your place of residence, i.e not spending the day in your pajamas putting peanut butter on various substances. The latter is fine, for now, but I want to create a bridge between those two worlds so that I can, in fact, survive.

It’s light out, still. I would like to go out into the light. Maybe make eye contact with a human or two. Breathe some fresh air. Fart outdoors. Yes.

About Undecided Pseudonym

A woman who remembers enjoying writing.
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