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So often it seems that I fear life more than I fear death. I do not think I fear death at all, but rather that I do not want to die so young. I generally relish in the unknown. Well, … Continue reading

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Another Sunday Morning

Hey, wait, I got a new complaint- forever in debt to your priceless advice.  Oh, Kurt.  I bought books and chocolate yesterday. Anything can sound like the first line of a poem. My mouth has a slight oily film. Muruku … Continue reading

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Kaleidoscope. Vapour.

There is a point after which the momentum cannot be paused, redirected, or brought to a halt. There is only the furtherance of the motion. It’s hard to accept, the turn of the kaleidoscope shifting these little points of light and … Continue reading

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I have stood too long in a storm, becoming splintered, fragmented. A broken limb on the tree of life, always asking to be rebound by whatever kind stranger is passing. —

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