I like giving titles that just encapsulate a piece of my day. 

I just stuffed three squares of chocolate in my mouth. It gave me the illusory feeling of being full. Something like Iron and Wine is playing from the upstairs.

I felt, good, briefly. Not a bad thing at all. Not feeling good isn’t bad, necessarily. 

I’m caught, between peace and chaos, strung up on a tightrope, or I am the tightrope, too thin to be walked on, too, judgements, feelings of failure, what have I done what am I doing to myself, plasticine, tea and cocoa, I will sleep and awake, and always, all over again, the day the day the night I will fall asleep and rise rise rise the moon is tormenting me yes I am tormenting myself my name means moon did you know I can read your eyes like the words in a newspaper my spine is collapsing my eyes and deteriorating the cake in the freezer calling to me ha the jokes of young pain, pain what an odd word why pain at all, ever, take refuge in the dharma, yes, seek wisdom and the middle path, return to comfort whenever possible, be happy with life, why not, it’s beautiful, chocolate. 

About Undecided Pseudonym

A woman who remembers enjoying writing.
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