I’m going to be folding laundry soon, once it is out of the drier. $2.25 per load. I only do laundry every two weeks, even three sometimes, so it’s not a big deal. I’m not dirty, I just have lots of socks and underwear, and somehow I’ve stopped being so damn sweaty. Hurrah. 

I love flirting. Always have. It’s nice to have those interactions, or have someone with whom you flirt, on a daily basis, and it’s nothing serious, just to enjoy that tantalizing effect. One of my friends described this exact thing to me, earlier in the year, and I whole heartedly agree. 

I miss kink. I should like to find more about the BDSM community in Toronto. I liked what I experienced in Vancouver, a really open, inviting community, thriving with maturity and respect. Glen, the man I met at Metro Vancouver Kink. He had a ladle. 

Kink Den, Toronto. They have a dungeon, and training. Probably a bit pricey. It always is. 

Think I’m coming down with something. Laundry must be done. Folding while watching The Kids In The Hall. I love comedy. I’ll get back into it, or rather, into it, one day. 

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