This blog is important. I believe this will be a great tool in preserving my sanity, as best I can. Any form of humanizing myself, through words, through sharing words, will be an asset. A way of surviving. I believe that writing, or at least, for a certain type of writer, is really just a last resort to survival, the penultimate straw to be drawn. It is such a lonely, dreary process, a joyless pursuit, perhaps the most torturous of all arts, but at least here, I can eject all my volatility into cyberspace, which the occasional touch back from another human. I touch cyberspace, cyberspace touches me. Alexander Technique inside joke. Ha. My feet are cold. Are you cold? My other blog receives views from as far as Russia and Brazil. Who the hell is reading my blog from Russia and Brazil? There’s actually a lot of Russian viewers. Who are these people? Will they teach me their language, and make me pieroshki? Pirozhki, says Wikipedia.


Pirozhki. I want to travel. Bulgaria, perhaps. Sofia. Zemen. Yes. 

Dreaming, of living, is good. 

I feel the desire for a romantic romp. We shall see. It shall come, in due time. All in due time, I suppose. All, ever, if ever. If. 

About Undecided Pseudonym

A woman who remembers enjoying writing.
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