Baby Steps

So I’ve just been living in a bubble of mediocrity for the past while. The same old fears of inadequacy, then becoming self-fulfilling prophecies. I am what I want to be, and I will become what I want to be- so there’s always hope. 

I am so often just perplexed. I feel perplexed and confused for no reason. I don’t have routine. Or structure. 

I am making progress. Small, teeny bits of progress. Perhaps I expect too much too fast. 

Baby steps! 

Dogs are good. Alex is coming to visit me! Friends! How exciting. 

School in two months. Can’t believe it. 

I am prioritizing learning some Spanish, as I met a young exchange student at the streetcar stop yesterday who only knew enough English to say she was lost, from Russia and didn’t speak English. She had a small map and I took her to her homestay address, as I knew where it was, and tried to call some of my Russian speaking friends while on the streetcar, to no avail, but was motivated to develop at least basic Spanish for my trip to Mexico, which is also in about two months. 

I want to update this blog everday. 

So it was written, so it shall be done. 

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