The Truth About Stories Is, That’s All We Are

Just watched this film,  Entre Nos, (available on Netflicks)

Wonderful film. The story of a Mariana, a young wife and mother, newly immigrated to the USA. After only two weeks there, her husband leaves for a job in Miami, but she later finds out through a friend that he doesn’t plan on coming back.

Fucking ass wipe.

So, Mariana is left in a new country with two young kids, no money, and no prospect. She makes an effort to sell her delicious empanadas on the street, and eventually the three take to collecting cans and bottles for money. We witness the struggle of a young family on the streets, and the film ends on a promising note, with her young son finally Gabriel starting school, and Mariana selling empanadas with a fellow Latina street vendor.

Through out watching this film, I knew that this situation, and many others like it, are a reality for immigrants all over the world, and have a place in the greater narrative of migration and diaspora, but I wasn’t aware that this particular film was inspired by a true story.

At the end of the film, before the credits, a short paragraph arose, saying “Mariana resides on a five-acre ranch in Southern California, where she is a successful bookkeeper.” I was hit with the knowledge that this was infact a true story. Absolutely astounding. I got a little choked. But what pierced me was the last paragraph about the youngest daughter, Andrea:

“Andrea has a Masters in Fine Arts and lives in New York City, where she is a writer, director and actor. She made this movie for her mom.”

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaye! This was about her life! Paola Mendoza wrote, stared in, and directed this film. Incredible! The movie isn’t verbatim what happened to her, but regardless, it’s the story of her family, and countless others like them. I was touched by not only the struggle and success of these individuals, but also the witnessing of ¬†this struggle being turned into an award-winning work of art.

This is exactly what I dream about- sharing my story and doing it damn well, and it’s amazing to see that others are already doing it, are realizing this dream, and with such striking results.

(title quoted from Thomas King)

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