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Between Death and Life, They’ve Chosen Life.

The only way of awakening to a sense of purpose is through connecting with the struggles and successes of other people. We can only be human through each other. I watched this documentary called Beyond Belief. It’s about two women … Continue reading

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I can already f…

I can already feel myself falling away from this blog, these goals, this world of self-expression through the stretching signals pouring out from this device into the sky, to satellites, back to tall towers, wires, devices devices. I myself am dispersing … Continue reading

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small things.

I ate a slice of mudslide cake and some home fries for dinner. Neither were very satisfying, though the cake was the better of the two. The purity of fresh fruits and vegetables is rarely beaten.  More pondering on the … Continue reading

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A Dogs Tears.

There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief…and unspeakable love.


Yesterday, I witnessed a very moving show of emotion from one of my dog walking charges. 

Sam, a seven year old German Shepherd, is going through a lot right now, as her owners are splitting up. She’s been noticeably disheartened, moving to a new place, leaving her human papa behind. She boards with my neighbour during the day and then I walk her home in the evening. Upon leaving, Malak gave her a big, loving hug and snuggle, reassuring her that when she got home her mummy would be home soon, and that everything would be fine.  During this, Sam was making these low, grumbling noises that were tantamount to weeping. These were husky, drawn out growls, which almost sounded like coughing, but were driven by emotion rather than by glottal irritation. I really felt that she was sobbing. Usually dogs whimper when they’re unhappy or in pain, but this was something completely different. This was so identifiably human. Standing with her back to me, I could hear the sound coming from deep within her body, mournful moans of the entire being.

Dogs, at times, are more human than we are. Than we allow ourselves to be. The express joy and love without fear, without restraint, and allow compassion to effortlessly fill them. Raw displays of emotion are associated with hysteria and the wild, and but we need to allow ourselves to feel both the heights and the depths of our emotional capacities. Whatever “civilized” means, it shouldn’t mean ignoring the true nature of our experiences- what our experiences make us feel. 

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You Are Your Actions, Not Your Words! Continue reading

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It’s day FOUR of the daily blog. There are, thus far, only two entries. Oopsie. Last night was spent re-watching Spanglish. I love this film. I would normally categorize it under “guilty pleasures”, to appease the elitist, artsy Over Lord … Continue reading

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