Andre The Giant

Andre is one of the new dogs I walk each day. He’s a Great Pyranese, which are originally from Spain, and used as guard and herding dogs. He’s huge, pure white, with a long, fluffy, fluffy, fluffy coat. A delightful creature. He has a beautiful face. Big, bright eyes and a well sized snout, a large pink nose speckled with black. Loads of drool, but I do my best to see beyond the slime. Gentility is a quality of the breed, and he exemplifies it fully. If he was a person, he’d be Mr.Darcy- after we found out he wasn’t a jerk.

As we were walking today, I took pause to pet his huge face, and look into his eyes. I already thought them beautiful, but I looked closely I was taken aback in wonder. They’re a honey-brown on the outside, and closer to the pupil they become a mystical teal, though it wasn’t just the ethereal blend of colour which affected me. I was met with a sense of depth akin to that of galaxies, and an ancientness I had otherwise only ever imagined. I was looking into another world, another consciousness, somewhere ancient and powerful-  a place that exists in all of us, if we seek to awaken it.

It was quite the moment.

About Moon Eggs

A woman who remembers enjoying writing.
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