Shorter Sentences.

I feel off kilt. Out of focus. Blurry. My goals, immediate and long term, my dreams for the future, my desire to wake up before 10am, all seem just a touch out of my grasp. I have a slight head-ache. Veggie dog and fries for dinner. Peppermint tea night cap. Time slips away. We actually cannot regain what what time or money or love we waste. It is lost. This is something hard for me to wrap my mind around. I feel myself wasting all sorts of resources without any real understanding of consequences. I am smart, responsible, and have values, integrity, but I also slide into bouts of laziness and capriciousness. Yin and yang. There cannot be one without the other. A nice man helped me fix my flat tire the other day. I rather liked him. It was just outside the studio where he works. I’ll go back and visit him again soon. I must tell my parents I am going to Mexico. I must focus more on learning some Spanish. Podrias repetirlo mas despacio, por favor? I chatted with a man from Algeria yesterday, on the language learning site Busuu. Got the names of some Algerian authors. I must check them out. I love languages, teaching languages. This is something I must follow. The stage feels far away, but I know she is always with me. Is me. A little stream of consciousness before bed is always good. Though I know I’ll do more before I go to bed. I want to be strong, as strong as I know I am. I need to rediscover my will, my discipline, my strength, my foundations. Excavate is more like it. It all feels far away. But really, it isn’t.  

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