small things.

I ate a slice of mudslide cake and some home fries for dinner. Neither were very satisfying, though the cake was the better of the two. The purity of fresh fruits and vegetables is rarely beaten. 

More pondering on the nature of god and the universe took place today. No new conclusions. 

I am beginning to teach myself basic verb conjugations in Spanish. I love grammar. 

I love the poetry class I’m taking. It ended up being all ladies, and they’re all delightful. Women are so beautiful. The sound of women laughing together brings me so much joy. We’re all different ages, different colours, different sizes, and write with very unique styles. 

Texting an old friend. Though I am sad to see how much time we all collectively waste on our phones and various electronics, it’s nice to be just a click of a button away from someone. Texting allows for the casualness of good friendship, the ability to share the useless things which infact are so important to share, the little details that no one will remember, but that somehow build up our lives. 

Thank you for spending some cyber-time with me, here. It is appreciated. 

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