You Are Your Actions, Not Your Words

This young girl is awake. She is awake, and cognizant of the connections between all people, all creatures, the connections between responsibility and the dire consequences of not owning up to them.

She brings up many an invaluable point, one being this: from early on, we are taught how to behave. Well, we are told how to behave- being taught is something else. We are told to be respectful to each other and ourselves, to the world around us, to share, to say thank you, to say sorry, to listen to others when they speak. We are told all these things, but I am not sure if we are truly taught them. Or, if are taught them, we forget very easily- we need to be retaught, constantly, until we do not know any other way of being.

‎”I am only a child, but I know we are all part of a family, a family [7 billion] strong, infact, 30 million species strong, and borders and governments will never change that.”

Amazing what some lines on a piece of paper called a Map can do. Our customs and cultures are different, extremely different- at first glance. Think about it. What do any of us do that is SO DIFFERENT from what people living around the globe do? Or people of another colour, age, orientation? Our needs, our core needs, whether a dark woman, a queer man, an antelope, a bee, are really all the same. Humans have developed in different ways and express our needs and desires in much larger ways, but that doesn’t privilege them. Different communities of people communicate their understanding of existence uniquely, but they are all of equal value and worth. When we lose sight of this, we begin to want to control one another, to manipulate nature, to make sure we can understand everything around us all the time- we become afraid. And when we become afraid, we lose the ability to be present with the world, with others, with ourselves. We lose touch with what really matters in life. We literally do not touch the earth as much, or our loved ones as much- we lose touch, physical, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional sensation with that is real.

This earth is real. Other people are real. Our dreams are real.

They are all real, and they all matter.


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