It’s day FOUR of the daily blog. There are, thus far, only two entries. Oopsie.

Last night was spent re-watching Spanglish.

I love this film. I would normally categorize it under “guilty pleasures”, to appease the elitist, artsy Over Lord of my mind, but to hell with that. I think it’s beautiful, touching, and very funny.

Today is Tuesday, and Tuesday is my one, regular life paced day. This means I go outside my world of dog walking, and interact with humans in an environment where I am expected to present my artistic skills, i.e singing lesson and poetry class.

Our instructor for poetry, Sachiko, brought a huge stack of literary journals she no longer wanted and we had free reign over what to take home. While perusing one on the subway ride back, I already found a few that speak to me on an immensely personal level. Had Sachiko decided to leave this box of journals on the street corner, as she had originally intended, I would have lost something which is now of deep value to me. Even the smallest of actions do matter- even the most off-hand acts of generosity.

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